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13 February 2017 / By webkings
The Accounting software for business  niche has been transformed in 2016 -2017.  If you are looking for book keeping services, there are many online providers now that make it easy for you to do it yourself. Xero online accounting is one of them. 2017 sole trader business bookkeeping Australia’s economy has been improving year by year thanks to growing small business, entrepreneurs and overseas investment. Yet for years there has been no specific technology built from the ground up for sole traders and small business to handle their accounts themselves – now Xero has made that easy. Step by step registration guide for  Xero Accounting Software( Screenshot Guide) Traditional book keeping software companies like MYOB has made their software compatible for online accounting but only to compete with newer fresh entrants like Xerosoftware and that is where they lack the ease of use which Xero gives you. Australia has a lot of small businesses and many people that operate as sole traders or contractors . Keeping proper accounts and books  can be time consuming and hard for the  tradie’s and small business. Xero was launched as an innovative cloud accounting  platform, so that you can login from anywhere and enter your transactions.
The good thing about this software is if you don’t  have the  time to do it yourself, you can just give access to the data/account you collected  to your accountant to do the books. This online software is accessible from most smart devices of today  and  it handles  bank transactions, bills , invoicing and much more.
The platform is built in such a way that you can start with a affordable starter package and when your business grows  you can just  upgrade to add more bells and whistles. They online accounting packages work  on  a  monthly  subscription based package, you just choose the package subscription according to your needs.

Lets have a look at how you can register for this software and get started.

They have a 30 day free trial  offer (below) First go to the Xero page to sign up  – join for free trail 1 It will ask you  for  name , email, phone number and country Fill that in, then tick mark the “I’m not a robot” and “terms and conditions “ boxes Xero was founded by Rod Drury and his personal accountant when they felt that traditional desktop accounting software had become outdated and decided to create a modern cloud-based product dont forget recaptcha 2 When you click submit , immediately it will tell you an email was send  to your email address am email is on its way 3 from zero if you have any problems with that –> [ Problems? Contact us and we’ll get things sorted for you.] confime your email address 5 step by step Email received ! step 4 lets get started Go to your email inbox and confirm your registration with XERO , by clicking the blue box create password for account 6  
Xero’s products are used in over 180 different countries and it has  has offices in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Singapore.
This will take you to create a password screen ( It’ll need to contain at least 8 characters, including one or more numbers) Fill in form and start trial of xero accounting for free 7 step Next screen it will ask you for  your business name  like in the screen (as above) , if you got data with myob or reckon you can move your data for free  by clicking on that link  shown. Tickmark if you  have registered with GST. welcome to xero screen 8 step registered Now you can either start your trial or buy package upfront ( the welcome to xero screen) Some more screen shots of stuff you can do  in the accounting software frontend/backend Create reports, aged receivables in a glance, aged payables, cash summary  etc aged recievables screen entry step 9 Screenshot – add claim, expenses, receipts add reciept claim expenses step 10 Once you are signed up apart from basic tasks like making invoices and entering accounts details, here are some more things you can do.
  • Connect your bank feeds You will need to add your organisation details to keep in touch with your customers You can get paid by your customers instantly by setting up payment services Invite your adviser/accountant, or find one in the directory Edit or import your Chart of Accounts into your software Import the customers and suppliers you regularly transact with into software
If you want  you can also Try the Demo Company (AU)  and have a play, try out new features and get familiar with Xero, before actually buying – but i would suggest just  getting the free trial first is better which can be done in a few steps (takes 5 minutes) as shown above and giving it a go. Added bonus for signing up is – If you have any questions  there will be a rep calling you (I got called by them) after signup and you can surely ask them more questions during your trial period.
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